The history of Battle Pros

2006 - TEAMARAB Gaming was founded for Call of Duty...

I know I know ... Call of duty blows but it's history bitch.

2008 - TEAMARAB COD was dead.

Tired of playing this shit, TA becomes dormant.

2011 - TEAMARAB revived for PC play / trolling :) - P4F

P4F was launched and what a great name to use for a world wide multiplayer war simulator.

2011 - TEAMARAB aquires the top 3 P4F servers.

This was the best decision I made. Why ? because I was in love with flying :) and fuck who tried to take my chopper!

2012 - TEAMARAB is mentioned on EA's website for the one and only player stats system (at the time)

This really pushed us to a new limit within the gaming community. Not only did I offer player based stats for my servers, but fucking EA mentioned my website TEAMARAB.ORG on their fucking website!!! MIND BLOWN!

2013 - TEAMARAB renames to BATTLEPROS

Paranoia takes affect ... my website TEAMARAB.ORG was mentioned on fucking EA's WEBSITE! OMG. I was afraid of the public negativity I could receive... maybe my current employer wouldn't like the association ? I duno ... we moved to BATTLE PROS

2014 - BATTLEPROS pulls P4F servers in favor of BF4

Yah, I fucked up. This was the worst decision I made during the community's life time. Way too fucking soon :(

2016 - BATTLEPROS takes a break

2017 - BATTLEPROS is geared towards competitive gameplay

My god do we love counter-strike

2017 - BATTLEPROS Senior member Jeff FLDragon Weaver passes

I'll miss you pal, you were an awesome mentor and friend. Rest in peace Mr. Weaver.

2018 - BATTLEPROS launches new website

Welp, if you dont like it... FUCK YOU!

Never Forget : Jeff "FLDragon" Weaver

A past member and founder of the TEAMARAB / BATTLEPRO Gaming Community. RIP 2017